South Carolina Truck Accident Attorney

Accidents involving trucks, such as large 18-wheelers, are extremely dangerous. In addition to the mayhem caused by the sheer size of these trucks, there are special rules and regulations in place regarding truck operations. As a victim of a truck accident, it is vital you are properly represented by a South Carolina truck accident attorney who knows the laws trucking companies and their drivers must follow. 

Why Do I Need A Truck Accident Attorney?

Truck accidents are more complex than any other type of traffic accident. Multiple parties could be held responsible for an accident because of the regulations in place for trucks and drivers. Because the injuries are serious and the stakes are high, trucking companies aggressively defend these cases.  They have lawyers and investigators on call who go directly to the scene to gather evidence and witness statements to protect themselves from personal injury lawsuits. They often make quick settlement offers to tempt injured people to release their claims before hiring lawyers. They don’t play nice and they’re not there to help you.

Don’t do this alone. These are complicated cases and require an attorney with experience in major trucking lawsuits. Unlike normal car wreck cases, a lawsuit must be filed immediately to preserve evidence (before the trucking company can shred records), identify the proper parties, locate all available insurance companies, and question witnesses under oath. Your lawyer must be prepared to go toe to toe with big insurance defense law firms, with the knowledge, experience and resources to fight and win.

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident give Samuels Reynolds Law Firm a call today at (803) 779-4000. Jason Reynolds, our truck accident attorney, can explain your rights and help you understand your position during a free consultation. With years of experience defending trucking companies in catastrophic accidents, he brings that insider knowledge to you and your case. 

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